Clark County Parking Regulations

It will come as no surprise to learn that Las Vegas, Nevada is not a model of sustainable urban planning. After all, this is a giant city in the middle of the desert where nobody should have ever put a city. But it’s always fun to look at the parking regulations of a new place, since this is a form of big government activism that nobody ever talks about even though there’s no cogent argument that it’s necessary to curb any kind of negative externality. Thus we learn in the parking regulations (PDF) that a Clark County apartment building must contain at least 1.25 parking spaces for every one bedroom unit.

There’s also this provision, apparently designed to encourage drunk driving:

parking 1

Of course once a given metro area is built with utter car-dependence in mind, it makes perfect sense for developers to build future projects that assume utterly car-dependent clients. Consequently, these kind of regulations can come to seem like not such a big deal. But from another view that’s all the more reason to think we can get by without these regulations. In a place like Las Vegas the market almost certainly would provide ample parking. But if some particular group of people happen to think they could get by with less parking, why should the government tell them otherwise? What public purpose is being advanced?