Transit Score


The great web utility Walk Score that assesses the walkability of different neighborhoods in America now also features a “Transit Score” metric. They’ve only got these cool heat maps for a few cities, but here’s San Francisco featured on the right.

My one critique of this is that I think their scoring is a bit too generous and optimistic. My address scores as a perfect 100 out of 100 in terms of transit. And in some ways that’s justified. I’m very close to the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro station, which is the single most important transit node in one of America’s most transit-oriented cities. At the same time, it’s just way, way, way less of a transit friendly location than the apartment in New York where I grew up or the one in Paris I stayed in for a while. Which is just to say that there’s no location in DC that’s as transit-friendly as many locations in truly first-rate mass transit cities like New York or Paris or Moscow or London (or, presumably, Tokyo and Seoul and other places I haven’t been).