The Coming Landslide

Excellent highlight job by Kevin Drum underscores the curious microfoundations of the coming GOP congressional majority:

blog_wapo_poll_2010_09_06 1

I’ll take this as an object lesson in the limits of spin. If I were working with Nancy Pelosi on “message,” I’d be hoping to persuade people that (a) Democrats are better-equipped to handle today’s problems, (b) you share Democrats’ core values, (c) no matter how much you may dislike Democrats you dislike Republicans even more, and (d) therefore you should vote for Democrats. But as we see here (a), (b), and (c) aren’t sufficient to drive conclusion (d). When things are going poorly, the incumbent party takes its licks whether or not people like the opposition.

Meanwhile, whatever you may say about the pros and cons of the Obama administration’s approach to economic recovery they’ve been a good deal more aggressive on this score than have the marginal members of congress whose votes are needed to do anything.