National Review Pre-Approving House Republican Policy Documents?

Via Faiz Shakir, an intriguing allegation from Jon Ward at the Daily Caller. Many conservatives deemed John Boehner’s Pledge to America as the joke it is, the National Review is an exception and hailed the Pledge in an editorial. Ward reports it’s no surprise they liked it, since they had a hand in pre-approving it, something NR denies:

Two high-level Republican sources said that the National Review editorial had been prearranged, however, by Neil Bradley, a top leadership aide* who is close to April Ponnuru, the executive director of the National Review Institute, and Kate O’Beirne, NRI’s president.

“It was a political blowjob,” one Republican aide said of the National Review editorial.

Bradley denied the accusation: “The assertion that I ‘prearranged’ the National Review editorial, or any editorial, is 100 percent false,” he said.

O’Beirne also denied the allegation, calling it “absolutely, categorically false.

On the one hand, I’d like to believe the worst about these people. On the other hand, the Daily Caller hardly has a track-record of honest reporting so I’m not all that predisposed to believe their allegations.