Obama Conspiracy Theories Rendering Conservative Books on Other Subjects Dull


I got some promotional copy today for Rochelle Schweitzer’s new book She’s the Boss: The Disturbing Truth About Nancy Pelosi and I naturally wondered—what is the truth? Will I be disturbed? As a Pelosi fan, I found the prospect of a disturbing truth to be rather disturbing.

The allegations turn out to be disturbingly banal:

In her new book SHE’S THE BOSS: The Disturbing Truth About Nancy Pelosi (Sentinel; September 27), Rochelle Schweizer reveals Pelosi’s countless abuses of power in her role as Speaker of the House. She catalogs the extensive evidence of the Speaker’s corruption, patronage, and hypocrisy (she’s the kind of liberal who preaches environmentalism while demanding a private military jet for her entire family—funded by taxpayer dollars, of course), thereby debunking Pelosi’s carefully cultivated image as a caring, maternal public servant.

At a time when we’re debating whether the President of the United States is at the center of a decades-long conspiracy to obscure the origins of his birth, implementing a politics based on blend of Kenyan anti-colonialism, palling around with terrorists, and possibly foisting sharia on the country the revelation that the second most important Democrat in politics is an old-school machine politician who engages in some hypocrisy seems downright reassuring.