Rick Sanchez

As someone who’s both Cuban and Jewish, I suppose it’s my duty to say something about Rick Sanchez, namely that summarily firing him seems excessive. If, that is, we assume that CNN didn’t have some other reason to fire him. Obviously, the company is within its rights to decide that an anchor is underperforming and then, when he does something offensive and pisses people off, seize the opportunity to dump him. But on the assumption that he was doing a good job as an anchor and then made anti-semitic remarks, I wouldn’t have fired him.

There are a lot of ways of looking at this, but the bottom line to me is that if the concern is that there’s some legion of Rick Sanchez fans out there harboring anti-semitic views, sacking him like this is only going to make the problem worse. See, Sanchez spoke the truth and they got rid of him. What would make the problem better is some kind of apology, a beer summit with Jon Stewart, and continued coverage of the news with no further outbursts.

Now of course on the other hand getting fired for something like this isn’t the world’s greatest injustice either and I’m not going to start marching around with a “Free Rick Sanchez!” sign. Still, it is my observation that we have very few Hispanic voices in English-language coverage of American politics and I’m not thrilled about losing one.

(Unless maybe CNN wants to heal the breach by awarding me a lucrative contract.)