The Do-Lots 111th Congress

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Greg Sargent reports a striking finding:

A new poll from Pew and National Journal contains a really striking finding: Only one third of Democrats think this Congress has achieved more than other recent Congresses. Meanwhile, 60 percent of Dems think it has accomplished the same or less.

This is sort of nuts. Among other things, this congress passes a comprehensive overhaul of student loans. It also mandated calorie labeling on chain restaurant menus nationwide. It created a pool of community transformation grants to help municipalities reconfigures their infrastructure in a more public health-friendly way. In fact, those things were all in a single bill. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, an act whose major changes are in totally different areas. Plus there were all these other bills!

You can like the 111th Congress or you can dislike it, but there’s just no way to deny that it did a lot more stuff than the four or five congresses before it. That said, I’m not really sure how people are supposed to know about all this since the incumbents responsible for a lot of this sweeping change to come seem almost embarrassed to talk about it at times.