Instead of Listening to Me…

As I was explaining to someone last night, one of the unfortunate conventions of journalism is you can’t make your big takeaway from a trip be “this other guy wrote a very good article a couple of weeks before I got here.” But fortunately here in blogland we don’t need to hew so closely to the conventions, so I’ll say that for my part one of the clearest messages this trip has been bringing home is that Karl Vick’s article “Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace” contains a lot of insight.

Beyond the thought that you should read it, I also really hope that Palestinians and their supporters will read it since the Palestinians I’ve spoken to here seem to me to largely agree with Vick’s conclusion that Israel doesn’t really care about peace but are totally misreading the reasons why. This is one of these situations that I think falls under the maxim that it’s better to assume incompetence than conspiracy, but Palestinians tend to see it the other way around.