The Party of Medicare

George Zornick’s post on the “US” Chamber of Commerce’s ads bashing Tom Perriello focus on Chamber-centric issues, but there’s a broader point to be made:

In Virginia’s fifth Congressional district, Democratic incumbent Tom Perriello has faced an onslaught of attack ads funded by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. One such ad implored voters: “Government run health care. Medicare cuts. Have you had enough? Tell Congressman Perriello, stop hurting Virginia families.” As ThinkProgress reported, it’s possible that the Chamber’s attack ads are being funded by foreign money; the Chamber has yet to disclose who, exactly, funds its attack ads.

All’s fair in politics, so if the party of small government wants to win a midterm election by bashing Democrats for cutting Medicare they’re welcome to do so. But insofar as the issue at hand is ideology rather than partisan politics, one is going to be hard-pressed to see a campaign won in this manner as a thundering endorsement of a libertarian approach to health care or spending. Indeed, it mostly serves as an indication of how difficult it will be to ever repeal the Affordable Care Act once its benefits are locked into place.