McDonald’s Telling Employees How to Vote in Ohio

I remember when we were debating campaign finance laws around the turn of the millenium and the standard right-of-center view was that these were unfair restrictions on free speech and disclosure alone would be good enough. Then came Citizens United and the DISCLOSE Act and suddenly disclosure itself was an unbearable curtailment of free speech. Now I’m reading about this story where a McDonald’s in Ohio is sending notes in its employees’ paychecks telling them who to vote for:

I assume that this, too, is constitutionally protected free speech.

Meanwhile, looking at everything from the conduct of the US Chamber of Commerce to this McDonald’s franchise, I’m continually gobsmacked by the number of business executives in the United States who haven’t read Tim Carney’s book and don’t realize that Obama is just a patsy for the big business agenda. Maybe the White House should buy a free copy of Obamanomics for every corporate headquarters in the country.