The Geography of Overexposure

The most-covered candidate of 2010 turns out to have been Christine O’Donnell, who definitely won’t be taking office as a United States Senator. By contrast, we’ve heard very little about the guy who’ll probably beat Russ Feingold or the dude who has at least an outside chance of winning of Washington.

Ezra Klein’s theory is that O’Donnell “just made for good copy.”

That’s true, but I think there’s more in play, namely logistics. The Alaska Senate race should be excellent copy. Joe Miller is nuts, Scott McAdams is fascinatingly amateurish, the Palin-Murkowski feud is interesting, everyone likes to talk about Sarah Palin, etc. But Alaska is also cold and remote. Sending a reporter there would be expensive and annoying. The time zones are inconvenient. By contrast, Wilmington is a 2 hour drive or 90 minute train ride from both Washington, DC and New York City. So if you want to get some “real reporting” done it’s convenient. And logistics count in life.