For the Record…

I really wonder what’s happening, subjectively, inside the heads of people who oppose repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Do any of them think they’re on the right side of history here? That people are going to look back from 2040 and say “if only we’d listened to John McCain thirty years ago?”

So we should just put it down fo the record here. In 2010 when faced with the opportunity to follow all of our important allies down the road of equality, a whole bunch of conservative politicians just decided that their ethics doesn’t make room for the idea that gay and lesbian Americans are human beings whose interests should count in deliberations. They refused to articulate exactly what it is that they think gay and lesbians Americans are if not free and equal citizens of the United States. But they made it clear through their words and needs that whatever it is gay and lesbians Americans are, it’s not free and equal citizens of the country. They’re some kind of subordinate class whose interests can and should be sacrificed to the alter of political expedience or knee-jerk prejudice or something else. It’s repugnant and despicable.