The Christmas Session

Jon Kyl, rather preposterously, suggests that Harry Reid is somehow disrespecting Christmas by talking about scheduling votes between Christmas and New Year’s. Obviously it’s unfortunate any time the precious members of the US Senate need to do actual work, but aversion to working is traditionally the reason that the Senate’s many tools of obstruction have been used sparingly. But if Senators want to engage in policies of maximum delay, then countermeasures of maximum work are the only realistic response.

That said, I really think Senate Democrats should consider taking advantage of their critical numerical advantage in terms of Jewish Senators and just hold a “no Christians invited” special Christmas Day session. In the all-Jewish Senate, Chuck Schumer is the median member. Joe Lieberman, the most conservative Jewish Senator, is the median in the real Senate.


This year’s Christmas falls on a Saturday, so no Joe Lieberman either. That’s good, because I suspect he’s the kind of guy who’d ruin Jewish Christmas by complaining about the questionable halachic status of Chinese food.

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