Census Tract Map

If I may say so, the New York Times’ interactive explorer letting you see check out American Community Survey data for every neighborhood in America is awesome.

The first thing I looked at, personally, was the racial breakdown in the DC neighborhoods where I’ve been living for the past 7 years. I’m always hearing about what a divided, segregated city this is and that’s never really been my personal experience. And, indeed, it turns out that Census Tracts 43 and 44 where I used to live are very mixed. Census Tract 47 where I live now measures as 84 percent African-American, but I think that data’s probably out of date and the area’s whiter than that now.

If you zoom out, though, you’ll see that the conventional wisdom about a segregated city isn’t false. Whites live on the west, blacks on the east, and there’s a Hispanic cluster in the middle.