Everything is a Racket

Yesterday while waiting in the Houston airport I heard a professional-looking woman talking on the phone to a friend about how the recent inauguration of the Air Force’s Global Strike Command had launched some kind of localized real estate boom somewhere.

I don’t know anything about Global Strike Command or its merits, but the whole thing was a nice small-scale reminder of how everything is, on some level, a racket for someone or other. Some kind of landowners somewhere apparently made out like bandits. And since the mission of Global Strike Command is to “[d]evelop and provide combat-ready forces for nuclear deterrence and global strike operations” we’re probably never going to find out if they’re actually doing a good job. And if we do find out, we’ll have bigger things to worry about!

I suppose my only real question about the whole thing is that as long as the government is keeping all kinds of classified secrets, shouldn’t our global nuclear strike capabilities be run out of a top-secret lair somewhere?