Ebooks and Page Numbers

I love ebooks. I loved my kindle when I first got it, and now I love my kindle ap for ipad. But I share John Holbo’s grievance:

But I’m thinking about quoting our John in something I’m writing (yes, on Zizek). But I can’t footnote a Kindle edition. No pages. What will the world come to? Bibliography has gotten a bit old and odd in the head in the age of the internet, but the existence of pages themselves is kind of a watershed. On the one hand, there’s really no reason why a text that can be poured into a virtual vessel as easily as it can be inspirited into the corpse of a tree should have to have ‘pages’. Still, it’s traditional. Harumph. I suppose I’m going to have to use Amazon’s ‘search inside’ or Google Books and pretend I read the paper version, as a proper scholar would. Or just email John Q. and ask.


What’s particularly aggravating about this is that it seems so unnecessary. The technical challenge here would be trivial, and the gains in terms of getting a bigger purchase on the educational market would be large.