Gene Sperling Flashback

Matt Miller’s 1999 Gene Sperling profile is worth checking out, both because it’s an interesting article about the Clinton administration’s legacy, and also because it was written eleven years ago so it’s not part of some deliberate campaign to reassure progressives about Barack Obama:

In the meantime, on the second floor of the West Wing, the lights are on late again. If you think life is unfair, and that government should help create opportunities for those born with the odds set against them, you should sleep better knowing that Gene Sperling is in there scheming, coaxing, plotting, conniving and generally working every angle he can think of to move the ball another three yards down the field, with a cloud of dust. In a world of divided government at the edge of the millenium, that may be the most a liberal can hope for.

I do think it’s remarkably, though, that at OMB and NEC we’re going to have literally the same guys who were in charge at the end of the Clinton administration. You would expect the Obama administration to be populated with veterans of the Clinton administration, but people literally repeating in jobs they used to have is pretty unusual.