Senate Democrats and Health Care Repeal

I think I agree with Kevin Drum that Senate Democrats shouldn’t run from a health care repeal fight:

With Republicans in control of the House, it’s not like the Senate can really get much done anyway. So what’s the harm in wasting a bit of time and making this a knock-down-drag-out fight? After all, the House leadership got a nice, clean repeal vote by bringing up the bill under a closed rule and allowing no potentially embarrassing amendments and virtually no debate. In the Senate, by contrast, Democrats control things, and they can bring up all the amendments they want. So maybe they should play along, hold hearings, and force Republicans to vote on, say, an amendment to the repeal bill that would keep the preexisting condition ban in place. And another one that would keep the donut hole fix in place. Etc. etc.

That seems about right to me. You start with a “clean repeal” bill and then you start adding specific amendments exempting various popular and appealing aspects of repeal from the repeal. What better way to dramatize the reality that the specific elements of the bill aren’t nearly as controversial as all the thundering against ObamaCare could lead you to believe.