Gone ‘Till September

My dad’s a cranky leftist of the old-school and, as such, was well-positioned to make a great point to me yesterday about this business of a six-month window before Egypt actually holds elections. This is a loooong time for every intelligence agency in the world to start setting up shop, bribing various people, cultivating sources, trying to rig things, etc. At a minimum the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran will all have strong interests in this sort of activity and others with pretensions to geopolitical glory (China, Russia, France) might want to get in the game. Lesser regional powers could be involved, the US national security apparatus is prone to factionalization, and different elements in the Egyptian military will also presumably be trying to manipulate the situation in various ways.

What the actual output of that would be certainly isn’t for me to say, but Cairo will probably be a very interesting place over the next six months for the spy set.