It’s Not The People Doing Something Real

CC asks:

Where did you get the aerial shot of DC that you use as a header? I’d like to see a clearer version and know exactly what I’m looking at. This may be obvious to a USian, but I’m a Brit, even though I’ve been here a while.

It’s a version of a satellite image I grabbed from Google Earth, that’s been given an unusual orientation. On the right-hand side you can see the Jefferson Memorial and the tidal basin. To its left is the Washington Monument, the Ellipse, and the White House. Moving left on the image amounts to moving north by northeast, the point of which was to have the left-hand side be the neighborhood where I lived at the time the graphic was created (you can sort of make out the Cardozo High School football field) while the right-hand side incorporates recognizable landmarks. It’s an unfamiliar take on the familiar capital city. Like the blog, get it?

The above is maybe the base image I would use based on where I live now.