Will a Federal Government Shutdown Shut Down the District of Columbia, Too?

Here’s a disturbing release from Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton indicating that a federal government shut down may force DC’s municipal government to shut down as well:

As the likelihood of a federal government shutdown increased after the House of Representatives last week passed a full-year continuing resolution, we have been making every effort to ensure that the District of Columbia government would continue to be able to spend its local funds if the federal government shuts down on March 4. Because the District does not yet have budget autonomy, Congress technically appropriates to the District its own local taxpayer-raised funds, and the District is only allowed to spend such funds until the current continuing resolution expires on March 4. We have been in contact with the Obama administration, House and Senate leadership, and Mayor Gray to ensure that a federal government shutdown does not force a local government to close, even temporarily.

Surely in true Tea Party spirit House conservatives will see that this is a particularly acute case of DC’s unjust taxation without representation status. Right?