Smell The Freedom

Kate Sheppard reports on the latest liberty-enhancing measure from the freedom-loving tea party:

Anti-choice state senators in Arkansas passed a bill on Thursday that could limit access to abortions for women in the state by subjecting clinics to the same standards as outpatient surgical centers.

That bill would have the anticipated impact of making non-surgical abortions much harder to obtain in a state where it’s already fairly difficult. The law would force clinics or doctors that provide women with abortion pills like RU-486 or Mifeprex to follow more stringent rules applied to outpatient surgical centers. The bill’s Republican sponsor dubbed it the “Abortion Patients’ Enhanced Safety Act”—creating the impression that the bill is only designed to protect women.

I especially like the way this takes the specific form of an overreaching government takeover of the health care system. Meanwhile, from Andrea Nill I learn that at least five babies have died in Nebraska since they started denying prenatal care to undocumented mothers. Life, after all, begins at conception, ends at birth, and doesn’t count if you’re from Mexico.