Greening NYC Is Nice — Growing NYC Is Better

Sarah Laskow touts a new green initiative from the Bloomberg administration in which they “worked with energy efficiency experts and real estate lawyers to develop a new kind of lease that allowed the costs of [energy efficiency] improvements to be passed on in part to tenants, who in theory should be able to afford to pitch in at least some of the money they’re saving on energy bills.”

(cc photo by othermore)

That’s all good stuff. But still, I always think it’s important to keep the fact that living in New York City is much greener than living in most other places front and center. NYC houses are both smaller and more energy efficient (because they share walls) than most houses, and New Yorkers don’t drive very much. So ultimately the greenest thing New York can do is make it easier to build tall buildings in the city, especially (but not exclusively) near subway stations.