Nancy Pelosi Vows To Party Like It’s 2005 With Paul Ryan’s Draconian Medicare-Ending Budget Proposal

On a conference call with bloggers just a bit earlier, Nancy Pelosi drew repeated and explicit parallels between Paul Ryan’s GOP budget proposal and the 2005 Social Security fight. “We have to do something similar to what we did with Social Security,” the House Minority Leader said “except we have to do it in real time.”

She recalled of the 2005 battle that “[w]e took that as our opportunity to differentiate ourselves” and promises to do the same thing this time around. “When you look at who they’re cutting taxes for and at the expense of whom, it’s not a statement of our values,” she said, and vowed to ensure that the American people would see it as the canonical statement of Republican values: “This is what they would do left to their own devices.”