Government Shutdown Will Disrupt Student Loans

The federal government’s has an arms length role in education, so the overall impact of a federal shutdown on schools will be limited. One exception, Michele McNeil explains, has to do with student loans:

In addition, the department said today that although most student federal aid programs would not be impacted by a shutdown, colleges and universities would not be able to draw down and disburse to students any campus-based program awards, such as work-study or the Federal Perkins Loan Program. The impact on the $951 million work-study program would affect about 590,000 students in approximately 3,400 participating institutions. Perkins affects about 673,000 students in some 1,600 participating institutions.

A lot of people seem to have a hazy sense that “the government” is something that has nothing to do with their lives, but if House Republicans prove unwilling to back down on some of these policy riders a bunch of folks are about to find out otherwise.