Two Points On The Pseudocontroversies Of The Day

ONE: I needed to get a new passport at one point a few years ago and tried to find my birth certificate as supporting documentation and it turned out that neither my father nor I knew where it was. My guess is that my late mother put it somewhere, but we couldn’t find it. To this day, I have no paper documentation of the fact that I was born in the USA. What I have is common sense and the testimony of various people who know my family. It’s actually pretty dangerous to think of going down the road where people will be challenged to produce on demand decades-old pieces of paper.

TWO: If it’s true that Barack Obama couldn’t get into college without a boost from affirmative action, then the fact that he later went on to become President of the United States of America would surely go to show that affirmative action is a good idea! The concern that super-talented people were getting locked out of opportunities is exactly the sort of thing affirmative action is supposed to resolve.