The Arduous Life Of The Constitutional Monarch

Gonna try to cut down on the royals-blogging after this post, but I found this account of the arduous demands on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s time hilarious:

From now on, there may be less settled domesticity than either of them would ideally like. The first question they will have to grapple with after their return from honeymoon is; how much is too much? Requests will be tumbling over the edge of their desks. The tour of Canada looms, but there will be immediate pressure to visit Australia and New Zealand, not to mention Jamaica and Barbados and all the other sun-kissed islands of which he is one day destined to be head of state.

This seems to me like an eminently manageable itinerary to me. The royal family’s preference for Canada over their other realms is interesting. It’s not only Will & Kate’s first trip, it’s the country Queen Elizabeth II has visited most frequently.