At FoxConn’s iPhone and iPad Factories, The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

I’m going to put this in my unlikely to work file:

Factories making sought-after Apple iPads and iPhones in China are forcing staff to sign pledges not to commit suicide, an investigation has revealed. […] After a spate of suicides last year, managers at the factories ordered new staff to sign pledges that they would not attempt to kill themselves, according to researchers.

In a genuinely unrelated move, I yesterday got my first Android-powered phone after having been an iPhone user since their first week of availability. The big picture in the factories is that Apple’s ability to sell iPads appears to be primarily constrained by their ability to get the necessary components at an adequate scale and yet doesn’t want to raise prices presumably for reasons of longer-term strategy. The result is incredible stress at the point of production that you have to assume will end with higher Chinese wages soon enough.