The Candidate Of Ideas

Dan Balz has one of these bizarre Beltway article where he writes over and over and over again about how Newt Gingrich is a huge ideas guy but doesn’t actually name any of his ideas. Which is too bad, because Gingrich has actually been associated with some good ideas over the years. Take, for example, this 2007 joint appearance with John Kerry in which he accurately diagnosed the roots of conservative anxiety toward tackling the challenge of climate change and urged his fellow-travelers to get over it and recognize the need for action:

One great way of meeting this challenge in a manner consistent with conservative values would be to adopt an economy-wide cap on greenhouse gas emissions. Then we could auction off permits—ideally tradable ones—to engage in emissions. The revenue thereby raised could be returned to the American people in the form of offsetting tax cuts. That way there’d be no net increase in tax burden, and strong market incentives would exist for firms and households to improve their energy efficiency and for entrepreneurs to work mightily on the task of creating and deploying new green forms of energy. Perhaps this is the kind of idea that will be explored throughout the 2012 campaign.