Change You Can Believe In

As a heads up, I want readers to know that this blog is going to go dark tomorrow afternoon at some point and there’ll be no new content over Memorial Day weekend. The reason is that the entire ThinkProgress family of web products is being substantially overhauled and when you come back Tuesday you’ll see a completely redesigned suite of sites. That entails a lot of changes to various aspects of our work that should give everyone better, more sensible access to all the different work different people on the team are doing, but for this blog the main changes are aesthetic. The site will look different, and the URLs for everything will be go — www.ThinkProgress.org/stuff/etc — instead of the current format.

That said, the old URL will redirect to the blog and I think everyone will like the new look. As for the changes to the rest of the content, I’m gonna keep quiet until everyone can see for themselves, but it’s an exciting time for the whole team that should produce a lot of positive change.