Automakers Repay Obama Administration Rescue Of Car Industry By Battling Fuel Economy Standards

I’ve never really been the auto bailout enthusiast that some of my colleagues on the left were. America’s car-oriented industrial policy has been very bad for the environment, and as you can, see just because car companies owe their existence to political risks President Obama took on their behalf doesn’t mean they’re going to ease up on this:

Detroit’s major automakers are ready for Round Two in their battle with the Obama administration over fuel economy standards, and this time, they’re hoping new leverage will give them the punching power they need.

And so it goes. You can hardly blame them. A car company’s got to lobby for the interests of car companies. And in their defense, tighter fuel efficiency standards are hardly an optimal policy. I’d much rather see higher gasoline taxes. But of course you can guess who would lead the lobbying charge against that, too.