Jill Abramson As Feminist

Dana Goldstein notes that new New York Times top editor Jill Abramson stands out from a lot of other women pioneers in being much more of an avowed feminist:

All too often, women trailblazers are either outright opponents of feminism, like Sarah Palin and Margaret Thatcher, or hesitant to fully claim the feminist mantle until far too late in the game, like Hillary Clinton and Katie Couric.

Not so for Jill Abramson, the veteran journalist who Thursday was named the first female editor of The New York Times. In an interview with Huffington Post media reporter Mike Calderone, Abramson immediately reflected on the historic nature of her appointment. “I stand on different shoulders,” she said, paying tribute to Times CEO Janet Robinson, Maureen Dowd, former columnist Anna Quindlen and deceased journalists Robin Toner and Nan Robertson. “I just kind of called out their names.”

On a personal level, I’m excited to see anyone who went to Harvard and didn’t work on the Crimson succeed in the media. Especially a fellow Jewish New Yorker! But I’ll concede that as far as trailblazing is concerned, the woman thing is probably more important.