New Frontiers In Over-Complicated Hamburger Cookery

For a while now, I’ve thought Richard Blaise’s hamburger cooked sous vide and then blowtorched was the prize winner for most over-complicated burger around:

But Nathan Myhrvold is pressing the boundaries further:

First, put the beef patty in a plastic bag and cook it sous vide — immersed in warm water for about half an hour until the core temperature reaches about 130 degrees. Next, dip the patty in liquid nitrogen for 30 seconds to freeze the outer millimeter of the meat, and then deep-fry in 450-degree oil for one minute.

“The freezing followed by the burst of high heat lets you brown the outside without overcooking the inside,” Dr. Myhrvold said. And the deep-frying is supposed to be a technological improvement over the classic White Castle spatula-on-a-griddle technique.

I’ll stand by Ray’s Hell Burger in Northern Virginia where to the best of my knowledge they obtain quality beef, season it a bit, and cook it in a pretty normal way. Delicious!