What Could Go Wrong?

Via John Quiggin and John Emerson meet the new Treasurer of the World Bank:

After leaving Barclays in 1999, Antoncic joined Lehman Brothers as Global Head of Risk Policy and subsequently Global Head of Market Risk Management; from 2002-2007, she served as Chief Risk Officer. In 2007, she was moved to an externally focused role as Global Head of Financial Markets Policy Relations. After the Lehman bankruptcy, Antoncic agreed to stay on for a year as Managing Director and Senior Advisor at the Lehman Estate to help maximize the value to Lehman creditors.

Her boss is Robert Zoellick who of course went from Goldman Sachs to become a member of the legendarily effective George W Bush foreign policy team. I have some disagreements with the policy analysis of Jeff Faux’s The Global Class War but the basic theme is pretty compelling.