Does John Boehner Have The Votes For His Debt Plan?

Eric Cantor’s need to admonish his caucus to quit “whining” about the debt ceiling vote and rally behind John Boehner’s plan is the latest indication that there probably aren’t 218 House Republicans willing to vote for a debt ceiling increase no matter how radical the terms are.

If that proves to be the case, then ultimately Boehner is going to need to be willing to split his caucus and rally Republicans around a bill that can attract support from House Democrats. That would be the most logical way to put a coalition together anyway, since clearly any debt ceiling bill needs support from Senate Democrats and also from President Obama. And once we get into those terms, we can try to talk about a compromise between the substantive positions of the different parties rather than attempting to compromise the White House’s view with a desire to score partisan points or old fashioned denialism about the need to get something done on this.