Breakfast Links: August 12, 2011

— Republican debate strains some facts.

— The mysterious church construction bust.

— When’s the last time the US was a policy innovator?

— If California High-Speed Rail is a “boondoggle” at $100 billion then surely a $100 billion rocket trip to the Moon is boondoggle squared. Moving people around California is actually useful!

— Hamid Karzai begs suicide bombers to stop hiding bombs in turbans.

— D.C. Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation looks a lot like a slush fund for City Council members.

“This is the best day the beleaguered Barack Obama has had in a while.”

— Auctioning public parking spaces.

— Why not charge higher taxes on alcohol instead of spending taxpayer money to subsidize non-licensed businesses?

— Mail volume has dropped 20 percent over the past four years. And how much of the remainder is junk?