Matt Bai’s Mystical Powers

Average political reporters observe what politicians say and write it down. Better ones ask discerning questions and write the answer down. But Matt Bai has political super-powers and just knows the answers to questions that he hasn’t even asked:

You could have put a lot of Washington Democrats up on that stage, and asked them if they would have accepted $10 in new taxes or new stimulus in exchange for $1 in cuts to Social Security, and you probably would have gotten much the same response: hell, no.

Could you have? Which Democrats? How many of them are there? Do they hold leadership positions that make them worth comparing to the unanimous consensus of GOP primary candidates? Has Bai actually asked any of them about this? Given that Bai finds this mentality deplorable, doesn’t he have an obligation to tell us who specifically holds it so that well-meaning Democrats can prevent them from dominating the party? How does it help me to know that “many” Democrats “probably” would have offered “much the same” response if I don’t know which ones and what they actually think?