Breakfast Links: August 15, 2011

— Old people are happier.

— Foraging for fruit amidst vacant homes.

— Why are house prices stick? I think watching Sabrina Soto on HGTV would shed some light.

— Not much diversity on the supercommittee.

— Steven Pearlstein is mad as hell at corporate America.

— Warren Buffet calls for more progressive taxes.

— Peter Diamond and Emannuel Saez (PDF) give you the academic version of Buffett’s argument.

Supercommittee “Democrats will be under pressure to cave as well, possibly even from President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who say the defense budget can’t withstand $500 billion in further cuts.”

The Guard is a nice meditation of Nietszche’s eternal recurrence thesis: recommended. Also recommended, and in some ways on the same theme, is 30 Minutes Or Less.

— Google will pay $12.5 billion in cash for Motorola Mobility which “would give Google control of Motorola Mobility’s attractive patent portfolio after the Internet giant recently missed out on a bid for Nortel Networks Corp.’s portfolio.”