Soaring Demand For RFID Chip Implants In Mexico As Kidnappings Continue To Rise

With kidnappings spiraling out of control in Mexico and extensive evidence of police complicity, Mexico is apparently seeing rising demand for anti-kidnapping chips sold by a company called Xega. In essence, they’ll install an RFID chip under your arm so you can be tracked if kidnapped. This is, of course, not a foolproof solution as in one case “an armed gang invaded Fernandez’s home, sliced open his arm with a pair of scissors and extracted a satellite-enabled tracking device, leaving the chip and a streak of blood behind.”

Mexico’s combination of high inequality and high crime makes it a unique market for this kind of innovation, but I assume that over time we’ll see subdermal chip implants of various kinds used for a wider array of activities. I, personally, would love to be able to stop fumbling with various key fobs and brand loyalty cards.