NRO Hits Obama For Frivolous Vacation-Reading, Ignoring Evidence Of Anti-American Totalitarian Plot

Tevi Troy of National Review Online argues that the president shouldn’t be reading so much fiction on vacation and also hits him for “buying his books at the ‘legendary’ Bunch of Grapes” store on Martha’s Vineyard, a shop that “highlights a variety of its offerings, with nary a conservative work.” I’m not sure if Troy’s ever been to an independent bookstore before, but the idea of conservative books being heavily promoted at one located in an northeastern vacation venue is pretty funny.

The strange thing is that Troy seems to have missed the real scandal here, namely that Obama purchased Adous Huxley’s Brave New World. He dismisses this as likely for his daughters. Malia sounds possibly a bit young for this book to me. Isn’t the solid hit here that Obama seems to be looking for second term agenda items in disturbing places? Today death panels, tomorrow soma?

Let me also note that fans of midcentury dystopian science fiction should check out Yevgeny Zemyatin’s We which I think is in some ways superior to the better-known Orwell/Huxley duo.