The Continuing Adventures Of Ron Paul, Cultural Conservative

If you described to me in loose terms a white southern Republican presidential candidate who’s a strong social conservative nationalist, I wouldn’t be even slightly surprised to learn that he also doesn’t believe in evolution.

And yet when Ron Paul does it, people are surprised: “I always thought of the Ron Paul wing as made up of Republicans that were largely immune to this kind of motivated reasoning.”

As I’ve been saying, a lot of progressives seem to be slightly confused as to who Ron Paul is. They think he’s like that one rich uncle you have, shares a lot of your basic values but hates paying taxes and seems to take a dim view of poor people. The reality is that Paul is much closer to Pat Buchanan, a socially conservative nationalist whose idea of nationalist foreign policy is to withdraw troops from South Korea and deploy them to the Mexican border. Given what a strong force nationalism is in American life, I do wish that we had more nationalist isolationism and less nationalist enthusiasm for global contrast. But Paul’s view is that the quest to ban abortion is “the most important issue of our age,” his signature economic policy idea (“End the Fed!”) is a crank slogan that has nothing to do with free market economics, etc. Fortunately, in Paultopia there won’t be any public schools, federal funding of scientific research, etc., so it probably doesn’t matter what he believes in evolution.