Most Americans Say They’d Encourage Their Child To Become A Teacher

Gallup polled on a series of interesting questions about how people think about teaching as a career option. Seventy-four percent say they would encourage the brightest person they know to teach if they expressed an interest in it, and 76 percent say we should try to recruit the highest performing students into that profession. But people are a bit less enthusiastic about their own kids teaching:

I would love to see more detailed demographic information on this. About 70 percent of American adults don’t have bachelors degrees, so K-12 teachers are much better educated than average. So in a general sense, teaching is a high-status desirable profession relative to the broad national average and you see that reflected in this answer. But I’d love to see a breakdown according to the educational attainment or income level of the respondent. The real issue about teacher recruiting, after all, is recruiting relative to other jobs that college educated professionals might do. And it’s perfectly possible for teaching to both be a more-desirable-and-prestigious-than-average job relative to the broad average and less-desirable-and-prestigious-than-average relative to the career opportunities facing people with the basic credentials needed to be qualified to teach.