The Continuing Blogger Boom

As Matt Cameron and I noted two jobs reports ago, aside from mining the most robust employment growth during the recession has come in the BLS’ mysterious “Other Information Services” category, which includes the prestigious blogging industry:

Industries in the Other Information Services subsector group establishments supplying information, storing and providing access to information, searching and retrieving information, operating Web sites that use search engines to allow for searching information on the Internet, or publishing and/or broadcasting content exclusively on the Internet. The main components of the subsector are news syndicates, libraries, archives, exclusive Internet publishing and/or broadcasting, and Web Search Portals.

A look at today’s release reveals that this sector continues to exhibit strong growth:

The OIS category added 2,000 workers in July and 1,600 more workers in August. All told it’s added 19,000 new workers over the past 12 months which isn’t all that many people in the scheme of things but does represent 13.3 percent growth.