Why Isn’t Bank Regulation One Of Elizabeth Warren’s Priorities?

Compared to most progressive bloggers, I’m more or less a total bailout-happy shill for Wall Street banks, and yet it seems clear to me that further-restraining a still-out-of-control financial sector is a crucial element of building a safer macroeconomy and tamping down the ridiculous high-end inequality facing the country.

So I was a little bit surprised to click over to the “Priorities” section of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign website and find seven items basically none of which is on this subject. The closest we get is the assertion that “our self-employed and small businesses, and the community banks that fund them, are drowning in complicated regulations.” This may be true, but it hardly gets to the core of what’s problematic about the current state of financial supervision. Dodd-Frank is in many ways a better law than most people give it credit for, but the Senate could use as many people as possible eager to take a skeptical look at the state of things and shepherd a tough implementation into law.