Tax Loopholes Mostly Benefit Affluent Households

Lori Montgomery observes that while recent discussion of loopholes and deductions in the tax code has primarily focused on somewhat obscure corporate tax provisions, the real money is big breaks for households, especially the upper middle class households who pay relatively high rates.

This doesn’t, I think, seriously undermine the view that closing loopholes and simplifying the tax structure would be a good idea. All this is really telling us is that the individual income tax amounts to a lot more money overall than the corporate income tax. Consequently, tax breaks for households are a bigger deal than tax breaks for corporations. By the exact same token, if loophole-closing made it possible to reduce tax rates without causing massive revenue loss the primary beneficiaries of such a move would be upper middle class and wealthy households. Given the current structure of American society, this is where the money is and any major change necessarily impacts these interests.