When Ronald Reagan Was President, There Was A Soviet Union And A Cold War

Via Spencer Ackerman, Eli Lake reports on Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) acting like a complete fool who thinks the GOP congressional staffers are tiny children:

“How many people like Ronald Reagan?” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) asked the crowd. A bunch of Republican Hill aides dutifully raised their hands.

“And how many people like peace through strength?” More hands raised. Then Graham, an Air Force reservist colonel, asked, “What the hell happened to that party?”

There’s not much to engage with in this argument except the observation that I take it that the premise of Ronald Reagan’s Cold War strategy had something to do with the existence of the Cold War. His argument wasn’t “let’s do blah blah for no reason at all.” It was “let’s do blah blah because something Soviet Union something something.” Now, though, Graham is just saying we should do what Reagan did because it’s what Reagan did. The method here for internal deliberation about public policy is something like a mix between a kindergarten class and a cult.