Super Committee Getting Down To Business The Right Way

A couple of articles are out today seeming to deplore the fact that members of the deficit “super committee” are holding some closed-door meetings and then not blabbing to reporters about what’s happening.

I think this shows they’re doing the right thing after all, contrary to what some initial reporting led me to believe. Transparency is great. The committee’s work product should be subject to extensive public scrutiny. But if you subject an ongoing bargaining process to public scrutiny, you’re just ensuring that nothing will get done. People need to be able to speak their minds rather than playing to the cameras. Playing to the cameras is, of course, stimulus for reporters, so they don’t like it when people stay quiet. But on the merits, this is the right call.


Mitt Romney agreed with the strategy this morning on Morning Joe, saying, “It’s all behind the scenes, it’s all behind the scenes”:

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