Individualists In The Marine Corps

Erick Erickson and Josh Trevino are, I’m told, the geniuses behind the dimwitted concept of countering the 99 Percent Movement with an effort to divide the country between the 53 percent of the population that has net federal income tax liability in addition given the current suite of temporary tax cuts, and the other 47 percent who merely pay payroll tax, sales tax, property tax, and excise taxes. This is my favorite post up there so far:

It’s interesting to me how heavily ideology shapes people’s narratives about their own lives rather than the reverse. After all, can one really credibly say that the Marine Corps is a field in which one’s success and failure is going to be determined by one’s individual effort rather than collective efficacy? I don’t want to be in the position of telling a veteran that I know his business better than he does, but that would be a mighty strange kind of military in which solidarity, teamwork, and the effective operation of a large public bureaucracy play no role. But joining the Marines is something a lot of conservative-identified people do, and talking about reductive individualism is also something a lot of conservative-identified people do, so why not just throw it all in one big post?