Breakfast Links: November 11, 2011

Back in the USA.

Italian governance anecdote: “My remarks caused a stir with Minister Tremonti who interrupted me in the middle of my remarks, went into a temper tantrum and shouted – to the consternation of all participants – to me: ‘Go Back to Turkey!!'”

— Giulio Tremonti, of course, is the responsible statesmanlike figure in Silvio Berlusconi’s Freedom Party.

— It’s not good news for your record when mere rumors of your early resignation spark a global equities rally.

— The Economist has an excellent Berlusconi retrospective.

“The solution to the problem turned out to be throwing money at it: going off the gold standard, devaluing, and guaranteeing everyone’s bank accounts.”

— Continuing Eurofiasco will likely lead to the further rise of far-right parties as the centrist consensus is discredited.

— The FBI Headquarters building is a disaster.