1,156 Days Wasn’t Enough Time For Frist

This morning Bill Frist said that delaying a vote on Bolton to get more information is wrong:

[T]he other side is unreasonably and irresponsibly filibustering this nominee [John Bolton].

In November, Bill Frist — defending his vote to postpone a vote on Judge Richard Paez — said delaying a vote to get more information was OK:

Filibuster, cloture, it gets confusing — as a scheduling or to get more information is legitimate.


Today Frist emphasized that it was time for a vote on Bolton because it’s been “over 200 days ago that the position of the U.N. ambassador came open” It’s been only 99 days since Bolton was nominated. At the time Frist voted to prevent an up-or-down vote on Paez his nomination had been pending 1,156 days.